Wills and estates

Me Marie-Claude Dumas brings forth 18 years of experience in civil, commercial and estate litigation. She specializes in the drafting of wills and protection mandates, and in the opening of protective supervision for persons of full age.

With her great ability to listen and unmatched efficiency, she will answer your questions concerning your powers and duties as an executor, heir or legatee, and will walk you through the steps of estate liquidation.

Our main services

  • Will drafting
  • Estate liquidation
  • Interpretation of testamentary clauses
  • Liquidators' and heirs' rights, powers and duties
  • Estate litigation
  • Protection mandate (mandate in case of incapacity) drafting
  • Probation of wills
  • Challenging a will
  • Inventory drafting
  • Publication of notices
  • Management of estate property
  • Payment of debts